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CD Release Party

Last night, we had the CD Release Party for Ghost Flower at OuttaSpace. Since I moved to Washington DC two weeks before the show, we were only able to run through (most of) the songs just before the show. You know how when you're trying to get something done and some people are snippy and other people are just phoning it in? We had none of that let night. This band was a perfect mix of professionalism and light-heartedness. And the audience was with us all the way. Such a wonderful vibe, such great intensity, strong players. Thanks Andon Davis, James DiGirolamo, Chris Ussery, Cheryl Tomblin, Grant Niebergall, and Tommy on sound. As Chris said, "This is just the beginning." And thanks to everyone who came out!


I’m a singer-songwriter, originally from the Chicago, now living on the east coast. I write songs because I love to write songs and I hardly ever edit them and I rarely ask for feedback. Okay, that’s a lie. I NEVER ask for feedback. Is that bad? I hate cold weather but always seem to end up in places with cold weather. I write about things that annoy me, hurt me, fascinate me, make me think. And I have an obsession with trying to right the wrongs of the world. And I write about that. Not actually trying to right the wrongs. Just about the fact that I’m obsessed with it. Except when I do write about trying to right the wrongs.

Thanks for being here.


Our new CD Ghost Flower is completed and available for pre-order. Contact for more information.


I am having a wonderful time recording my third full length album with Chris Ussery, who is producing my CD under his label Front Gate Records. The vibe of the CD is best described as gypsy surf-rock. And we have a huge variety of songs played by an awesome band. We are looking to start gigging soon. So let us know where you would like to hear us play.

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